Getting The Right People To Your Website: A Step-By-Step Guide

Posted on: 20 April 2015

On the internet, attention is gold. If you expect your website to get some attention and generate income, you need to have an online marketing strategy that will attract viewers. Here's a step-by-step guide that will get people to visit your website.

Step 1: Find A Few Bloggers

Whatever it is that you sell or do, there's somebody out there blogging on the topic. It's the people that read those blogs that you want to lure onto your website because you have something to offer them.

You don't want just anybody stumbling across your web page — you want people who are actively interested in your product or service to get there. That means finding the right context in which to offer a link to your page. Niche bloggers can help.

For example, if you own a company that specializes in high-quality fibers and yarn for knitting and crochet work, try to identify a few popular blogs on knitting, crochet, and other fiber crafts. That is where your online marketing starts.

Step 2: Pitch your product.

It's okay to be blatant about the fact that you want to generate sales when you're contacting the bloggers. Bloggers offer value to their readers by providing useful information and useful links to the things that their readers need, so they're often looking for new and relevant sources. You wouldn't be offering your product or service unless you believe in it, so don't be afraid to promote it directly.

Step 3: Offer something.

It never hurts to offer free samples of your product or to put a discount coupon up that's exclusive for those readers who click-thru the blogs you are asking to promote you.

That benefits the readers (who get something they want), the bloggers (who get something of value to offer their readers), and you (because you gain potential customers).

Step 4: Ask the bloggers to give you a review.

The verbal "thumbs-up" from the right blogger can be important because 90% of people admit that positive reviews will influence their buying decisions. If the review comes from a blogger that's highly respected in your niche market, the emotional currency you get from a positive review can quickly translate into actual currency.

Step 5: Keep things interesting.

Consider establishing a blog page on your own site. This gives established customers a reason to come back to your website again and again. Each time customers come back, they build a stronger relationship with your company. Plus, each visit can translate into real dollars-and-cents if you're constantly adding new products or services that interest your consumers.

You know your industry best, and know what topics your customers are interested in, so why not capitalize on that knowledge? You aren't going to attract readers by just putting ads up on your site for various services or products, however. Instead, give them content that they can use that's constantly new and interesting.

For example, the blog for your yarn company can include seasonal patterns, information about trade shows, and explanations on how to repair damaged heirloom lace. You don't even have to be a writer to create a good blog — there are plenty of content writers around who are willing to do the work for you.

Still not sure how to get viewers to your website? Relax. Companies that specialize in internet marketing, like Boostability, can work with you to develop good "search engine optimization" (SEO) for your site. Since they know the ins-and-outs of internet marketing, they can help guide your internet profile upward over time, letting you focus on other aspects of your business.