Free Organizational Tools You May Already Have With Your Email

Posted on: 22 April 2015

If you are struggling to get organized and you always feel overwhelmed by your schedule and keeping up with emails, you may have tools to make things easier that you don't know about. You could be utilizing different features in your email account.

A lot of people aren't taking advantage of the many great features that are free when you have an email address with a major email host, and these features can get you organized. Looking into the following organizational benefits you aren't taking advantage of.

Email Directing

Do you have to sort and sift through emails, trying to figure out who and where they came from, between work, friends, your kid's school and more? You can set it up so messages from specific email addresses go directly into folders, and they aren't lingering in your inbox. This means your inbox isn't clogged with a reminder of what to bring for a birthday party, or what days you're going to have a kid's soccer practice each week.

Email directing allows you to go into folders when you need to find something quickly, and you can check the most important folders throughout the day. Many email providers offer this.

Calendar Planner

An online calendar planner is great because you can use it as a day planner on your home computer, a tablet or on a smart phone, and you can easily print the calendar off if you need to. Many scheduling programs and appointment scheduling tools used by medical professionals, schools, and other things have a link that goes directly to an online calendar planner, so when you schedule an appointment you can easily add the event to your planner. Planners help making personal and work related planning easy.

Email Forwarding

If you already have an email address with a popular email provider and you want to have all of your emails moved to your new or existing email account, many providers allow you to do that. This helps ensure you don't miss anything important while you are transferring over to a new email address.

Many large free email providers have a lot of great tools you can use, from free domain hosting and different marketing or advertising tools. You can even connect with people you know and create circles for friends, families and coworkers.  If you're having a hard time keeping your life organized and remembering special events or appointments, check out these options.