Five Advantages To A Native Mobile App Over A Mobile Website

Posted on: 4 June 2015

Most companies today have a mobile website, but not all have a native mobile app. A native mobile app has some advantages that a mobile website doesn't, however—and today mobile app development is much more affordable than in the past. Here are some of the major advantages to having a mobile app over a traditional mobile or responsive website.

1. Native Apps Allow Push Mobile Notifications

As the old adage states, "out of sight, out of mind." You want to keep your app in sight and at the forefront of the consumer's attention. Your mobile app will be constantly on your consumer's phone and can send notifications to them regarding new developments, such as discounts and sales. A mobile website requires that the consumer actually take the action to visit on their own. With so many issues competing for the modern consumer's attention, an app makes for a more effective strategy.

2. Native Apps Provide Access to Customer Information

Through a mobile app, you can (with permission) access a user's contact list, camera and phone, to provide better functionality and a more immersive and engaging experience. For instance, you can prompt customers to share information with those on their friends list, or you can integrate your app into their photo album. You can even gather geographic information from your customer to provide better service. 

3. Native Apps Are Faster and More Responsive

Native apps can be used offline, even when Internet access is slow, limited or even off. Consequently, native apps are also faster to respond. Users can load them quickly and immediately begin working with them, without the frustration that a slow website can provide. Even today, there are times when a user cannot be connected to the Internet for a variety of reasons. 

4.Native Apps Provide a Better User Experience

Through a touch screen, a native app provides a preferable user experience. Users are able to intuitively control the website through tapping, swiping, pinching and pulling in a tactile way that cannot be achieved through a computer and mouse—and isn't always standardized through a mobile web browser. 

5. Native Apps Have a Consistent Appearance

With a mobile website, the appearance of your app will change based on the user's platform. Users could be on anything from a smartphone to a tablet, in any brand and any operating system. Native apps offer greater control over the appearance of your website. 

You can contact a mobile app development company to get a better picture of how a mobile app can work for your business. Obviously, a mobile app isn't the best solution for every company—but when used properly, it can significantly improve customer experience.