Is Saas Content Management Right For Me?

Posted on: 15 June 2015

One of the most important decisions you can make for a new website is the choice of a content management system. Software as a service, or SaaS, is a popular choice of content management system that allows you to have a robust system while still being affordable.   

What is Software as a Service?

A SaaS CMS is a system where you purchase a customized version of the content management system rather than creating one from scratch. This is basically giving you the license to use a version of the software, however, you do not own the software when you go this route. These systems can be highly customizable and carry a number of benefits. 

Pros of SaaS

Not owning the software yourself can actually be a big benefit. The software creators themselves are able to sell the software to other clients as well, so they have an incentive to keep updating and improving the functionality of the software. Rather than paying for updates yourself, you'll reap the benefits by essentially renting the CMS. And with all of this refinement over time, you can bet that your CMS will run fast. 

It is easy to scale your site with the use of a SaaS CMS. Since you are likely to be charged based on the amount of technical support you use, your particular license will allow you to add more content and pages to your site without your costs increasing exponentially. 

Many versions of SaaS software have a large user base. This gives you some opportunity to see what other people are doing with the software and get ideas you can use. You may be able to find support for your system online. 

Depending on the SaaS system you choose, these content management platforms can carry a lot of advanced and useful features. Things like APIs and web applications are available on many content management systems, and the interface is designed to be easy to use for employees. 

When you Shouldn't Choose an SaaS System

The main drawback of an SaaS management system is that you don't have access to the full source code of the site, and so very advanced customization can be difficult. However, for most run-of-the-mill websites that need reasonable customization, this should not be a problem.

In the end, a variety of different sites can be based on the SaaS CMS. Its versatility and affordability are great reasons to choose this type of content management system.