Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You're Setting Up A Store Listing On Your Company Website

Posted on: 24 July 2015

Setting up a website for a series of physical stores for the first time can be a very exciting experience. But while setting up a store listing as one of your website's sections probably won't involve the hardest business decisions you'll ever make, there's still a lot that can go wrong. Specifically, it's important to avoid these three pitfalls when you're setting up a store listing on your company website.

Not Putting Store Location And Store Hours Right Next To Each Other

The fact that it's so easy to look up the website of one of your competitors means that you need to be very wary of people losing interest in your store listing. If it takes too long for someone to browse your store listing, find a store nearby, and absorb the most relevant information, you could end up losing many more potential customers than you have to.

To minimize the amount of time that someone will have to spend looking at your store listing, always put the business hours of each individual store either right under or right beside addresses. If a potential customer reads the business hours immediately instead of, for example, comments about differences between individual store menus, both confusion and boredom are much less likely.

Designing The Store Listing In A Completely Different Style Than The Rest Of The Website

Try to keep the design style throughout your business website as consistent as possible. Since any potential customer will have to browse your website's store listing at least once, consistency in it is especially important.

While you may not think that it's a very big issue, differences in color, font size, and format between different web pages mean that it'll take longer for a visitor to get oriented. Since it's easy to visit your website and most of your visitors will only be intrigued rather than obsessed with your stores, remembering little things like design consistency can make all the difference.

Creating A Slow And Cumbersome Web Application To List Everything On One Webpage

You may be tempted to cut down on the total number of webpages on your website by fitting your entire store listing into one single web application. While this sometimes works out, remember that not everyone's computer runs as fast as yours does. Even if some people will be able to browse a complicated web application with lots of bells and whistles on it easily, others will find your store listing slow and cumbersome.

It's hard to go wrong with just making a straight list of company stores and their relevant information in plain text. If you have so many stores that a webpage listing all of them would be extremely long, don't be afraid of simply giving each store its own webpage. Click here for more information on web design.